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Bison Canyon Ranch was incorporated by Michael Stanley in 2019.  It is operated on a portion of the Hightower Spring Ranch which was homesteaded by Daniel V. and Mary E. Stanley in 1911. 


Hightower Spring got its name from the Hightower brothers who lived in a dugout and hunted bison “buffalo” near the spring in the 1800’s.

Over the years, Daniel V. and his son Brooks planted many trees and created what has become affectionately known as the “Stanley National Forest”.  The trees are a magnate for many species of birds and the area is a destination for birders.

Hightower Spring Ranch has always been a cattle ranch and the cattle operation was taken over by Brooks’ son Daniel R. Stanley in the 1960’s.  With Brooks’ passing in 1988, the ranch was divided up between Brooks’ twelve children and several other relatives.  Daniel leased the other positions of the ranch to maintain the cattle operation.

With Daniel’s passing in 2018, his portion of the ranch went to his children, Michael, Sammie Jo and Jim.  Jim still continues the cattle operation and in 2021, Michael re-introduced a small bison herd to a portion of the ranch and manages the Bison, Nature Tours and Hunting. 


Bison Canyon Ranch is located in close proximity to the Pawnee National Grasslands and is only a short drive from the Pawnee Buttes.

We invite you to come out and enjoy the wide-open prairie and the inhabitants who call it home.



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